Looking for a better business checking account?  How about one that's FREE and offers all the services your business needs.  Whether your business is large or growing, we have the products, services, and professional people to help you achieve your goals.

Come on in to one of our convenient locations and talk with one of our knowledgeable personal bankers or give us a call to find out what documentation we need to open you new FREE business checking account.

Account Type Minimum Balance to Avoid Service Charge Monthly Service Charge Transactions & Fees
Totally Free Business Checking**
$50 None 3,000 Items per Month

An account that's right for your business! 

  • 3000 FREE monthly transaction items per month - includes debits, credits, and deposited items.
  • No minimum balance after account opening and no monthly service charge.
  • No transaction fees.
  • Free Online Banking.
  • Check images returned in monthly bank statements - FREE!
  • First Security Bank Business VISA® Debit Card available.

If a Totally Free Business account exceeds 3000 free monthly transactions, the account may be changed to another checking product to better suit your business.

Business Analysis Checking***
$50 $10 per month, plus activity fees which can be offset by earnings credit from deposit balances 25¢ per credit, 10¢ per debit, 6¢ per deposited First Security Bank item or 10¢ per item for other banks

For the larger business with higher account activity!

  • Check images returned in monthly bank statements - Free!
  • Free Online Banking.
  • First Security Bank VISA® Business Debit Card available.
  • $10 monthly maintenance fee, plus account activity fees for debits, credits, and deposited checks.
  • Credits - 25¢ per credit; debits - 10¢ per debit; checks deposited on First Security Bank - 6¢ per item; 10¢ per item for other banks.
  • Earnings allowance from deposit balances may offset activity fees.

Earnings Allowance: You can offset all or part of your account's monthly service charges with a monthly Earnings Allowance on your account balances. Earnings Allowance applies to your collected balance after a 10% reserve requirement. A service charge is imposed when the cost of your monthly activity exceeds the Earnings Allowance during the month

Frequent or large cash transactions may incur additional charges.
A monthly charge will be imposed on negative collected average balance - percentage based on Wall Street Prime.
Business Checking accounts may be subject to analysis and repricing on account activity and deposit balance.

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*Customer purchases checks. A Dormant Account Fee of $5.00 per month will be assessed on checking accounts with a daily balance less than $100 and no activity for 1 year

Other fees such as overdraft, returned item, continuous overdraft, dormant fees, etc. may apply. See fee schedule for details.

Up to $20 buy-back for checks and debit cards from other financial institutions given at the time the checks/debit cards are presented.  Free gift provided at the time of account opening.  Bank rules and regulations apply.